Erich Behrens

Frontend developer

About me

I'm Erich, a senior software developer with more than 15 years experience developing web and cloud applications.
Find out more about the technologies I'm using  or read something less formal.

Vision and values

Create intuitive apps that are easy and fun to use
Build simple and natural experiences leveraging common patterns that people already use. Avoid boring or repeating tasks.
Be ready for the future, but don't overengineer
Deliver a solution that answers todays requirements and is easy to extend when needed.
Balance all the things
Perfect is the enemy of good, always try to find the most efficient technology and solution.

Something less formal

I was born in Trieste, a small city on the Italian border with Slovenia, with some strong Austro-Hungarian influence too. That's why I enjoy pasta, pizza, ljubljanska (cordon bleu), goulash, čevapčiči and many more as traditional dishes. 🍽️😋

I've always been passionate about web development. I even started coding offline websites before I got my first internet connection.

I like to explore new technologies and the opportunities they offer to improve our life, so I moved to Zürich to satisfy my tech-hunger.

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